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Why partner with us

Establishing a new hospital or day surgery is a complex venture that needs detailed management.

Financial expertise

Margins of hospital businesses can typically achieve returns of 20-30%, but this can easily be eroded if the detailed components of the business are not well managed, which can lead to the hospital losing money.  

We provide the independent and professional management needed to address and manage these components. 

We support health fund engagement by a best-practice submission that demonstrates value. Our facilities are independent and have the flexibility to set appropriate uninsured or non-Medicare procedure rates.

We are also efficient in the purchasing of medical supplies and capital equipment. Additionally, we co-invest with the doctor group, which is customised to suit the risk or return. 

Financial efficiencies are achieved through benchmarking for staff utilisation and ratios, as well as efficient management and administration structures, taking advantage of group skills.

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planning boutique hospitals for surgeons

Planning expertise

Careful planning and modelling ensure that floor plans are built fit-for-purpose, ensuring patient flow and efficient use of space. Planning also ensures that there is a careful selection of case mix and surgeon recruitment.

An independent manager assists with recruitment to ensure high levels of theatre utilisation. Recruitment focuses on compatible specialities and financially attractive case mixes. This keeps capital purchasing to a few specialities and retains teams with strong capabilities in similar specialities.

Management expertise

Building culture

Staff culture has a significant effect on the operations of a facility. We place a strong emphasis on developing staff benefits and working conditions for each centre, in order to create stable teams with high expertise levels. 

Enabling local decision making

We are able to provide a local management team who are available and responsive, as opposed to corporate and remote. At the same time, we are still able to provide the same benefits as larger corporate organisations, such as extensive support services and national buying power and reach.

Establishing and managing teams

Privately run boutique private hospitals have greater control and influence over their human resource and staffing practices. We provide professional HR advice and consultation to attract and retain skilled and experienced high performance teams.

Maintaining quality accreditation

We work with owners to achieve and maintain quality accreditation. We have established relationships with auditing companies, we provide extensive policy and procedure templates, and we provide any other audit support that might be needed.


Providing independent governance

Smaller hospitals and day surgeries need to have clear and transparent governance arrangements in place. Having a third-party operator like DPA health in place simplifies and streamlines more complex decisions, discussions and functions. This includes, for example, managing potentially difficult discussions with doctors, chairing the Medical Advisory Committee, reporting to the health department and overseeing patient disclosure or complaints. 

organisational culture in hospitals

Our hospitals

We have over 20 years of experience in building and operating boutique private hospitals

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