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How we work

There are many different pathways to establishing a new facility

A custom approach

We develop a solution based on your needs as a surgeon.


Different options are available based on: 

  • Your preferred approach to risk and return 

  • Whether you have a development interest

  • Your long term financial or surgical goals

We provide the full suite of services as needed by you, and establish the right mix of services and equity injection to suit your preferences.

working with surgeons
dpa health brownfield or greenfield opportunities

Brownfield or greenfield opportunities

New opportunities can be found in both greenfield or brownfield developments. This refers to standalone building construction or fit-out and renovation of an existing facility.

Greenfield opportunities can be more expensive to develop but these developments often have a higher opportunity to create a fit-for-purpose facility. This approach allows you to create a facility that exactly matches the case mix of the surgeons, the preferred look and feel of the building and the preferred location. It also allows for the development of a contained services ecosystem with compatible and supporting co-tenants such as consulting suites, radiology, pathology and allied services.

In many instances a brownfield development on an existing site transforms a smaller or outdated facility into one that can maximise the demand for services and the potential of the site. A brownfield development can take advantage of existing licensing, health fund agreements and established infrastructure. 

Our process

We provide an end-to-end fully inclusive process, if needed, based on your needs and preferences. Our process and services include feasibility assessment, development, hospital set-up, operations management and exit if or when required. 


  • Equity structuring

  • Financial modelling


  • Equity investor

  • Property development partners

  • Health planning

  • Construction management

  • Fit-out management

  • Legal agreements


  • Equity investor

  • Debt sourcing

  • Purchasing support for capital equipment

  • Staff recruitment

  • Licensing

  • Quality system

  • Commissioning


  • CEO function

  • Governance oversight

  • Financial management and reporting

  • Day-to-day staff support

  • Ongoing procurement improvement

  • Benchmarking


  • Management of process

  • Lead negotiation

Why partner with us

We offer extensive experience in developing and operating a range of boutique specialist hospitals Australia-wide.

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