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What we do

We provide the opportunity for surgeons and healthcare professionals to partner with an experienced hospital operator

Building and operating boutique specialist hospitals

We provide the opportunity for surgeons or healthcare providers to partner with an experienced hospital operator to create the ideal environment to suit their surgical specialty and patient needs. 

The short-stay hospital environment is the most rapidly growing sector in the hospital industry. This has become possible due to significant improvements in innovation and technology. 

A large proportion of surgery in Australia is performed in the smaller hospital sector. The facilities of larger hospitals are often not well suited to take full advantage of these technological advances. As a result, the short-stay hospital sector is often able to provide better care with significant cost savings. 

The growth of new facilities allows surgeons to partner with operators, and not only access ownership benefits but have direct input into the design, operation and culture of their own hospital. 

smaller boutique hospitals

Benefits of smaller, boutique hospitals

Smaller, specialist boutique hospitals enable operators to define the delivery of clinical care and set their own standards and approach to:

  • patient experience

  • workplace culture

  • fit out and design

  • responsiveness to surgeons through local decision-making

  • best-practice patient care

  • providing a modern workplace for staff


Larger hospitals are often constrained by:

  • legacy health fund agreements that are often incompatible with modern best practice 

  • a less flexible workforce bound by national enterprise agreements

  • decisions made at a head office level

  • a wider range of services that need to be offered

  • are usually large buildings with long travel distances between admission, theatres and recovery. This slows the patient journey, adds to bottlenecks and long wait times. 

How we work

There are many different pathways to establishing a new facility

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