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About us

DPA Health was formed in 2001 with the express purpose of building and operating small boutique private hospitals, with surgeons and for surgeons.

We formed DPA Health to solve problems that many surgeons were facing within the environments of larger surgical hospitals. The key problems they experienced were:

  • an inability to find preferred theatre sessions  

  • long delays with sourcing new equipment

  • regular changes to nursing teams

  • inflexible attitudes towards changing models of care, such as earlier discharge or not requiring in-patient rehabilitation

These frustrations led to surgeons wanting to have greater input into both the design and the operation of their own theatre environment, as well as having the ability to share in the financial upside of ownership.

Our focus has been to develop and nurture a stable, cohesive operating environment and culture that is both doctor and patient focused. We do this while also taking advantage of the national reach and the buying power of a larger group. 

Since forming DPA Health, we have partnered with multiple groups of surgeons to develop, operate and ultimately sell businesses. In every case, this life cycle has delivered a positive financial outcome to the partnerships. 

with surgeons for surgeons

Meet the team

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