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surgeons operating in boutique private hospital

Building and operating boutique specialist hospitals on behalf of doctors

Since 2001

What we do

DPA Health is a Sydney-based hospital operator that develops and operates specialist, boutique private hospitals Australia-wide on behalf of doctors and healthcare providers. 

We provide an end-to-end business solution which includes strategy, finance, building, certification, launch and ongoing operation. 

DPA Health provides the opportunity for surgeons and healthcare providers to partner with an experienced hospital operator to create an ideal healthcare environment to suit their clinical specialty and patients’ needs. 

Read more about our experience, specialist services and how we work.

somerset private hospital
parkview place boutique private hospital

Our boutique private hospital experience

DPA Health is an experienced boutique hospital developer and operator.

We have developed eight specialist doctor-owned hospitals Australia-wide since 2001, and we are currently developing and operating seven facilities Australia-wide.


Our portfolio includes hospitals in NSW, QLD, WA and SA.

About us

DPA Health was formed in 2001 with the express purpose of building and operating small niche private hospitals, with surgeons and for surgeons.

building boutique hospitals with surgeons

Our approach

There are many different pathways to establishing a new facility 

We develop a customised approach to meet your needs as a surgeon.

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